Last Updated : 3rd November 2011

This kennel is for Cyberdogs, meaning they are just pictures of dogs and not real.
The only way to own hundreds of dogs ;) 

Currenly Kismit houses 397 breeds
My first cyberdog breeds were Minitaure Pinschers & Whippets
Kismit Specalizes in Group 5, Whippets, Greyhounds & Rough Collies. 

I am a proud NCC Member
If you love to draw dogs, and would like to start a Cyber Kennel, you should check it out!

There are currently 4 dogs avaliable
There are dogs 0 in the pound

Current Litters:
Litter of 6 Dobermanns - 2 reserves, keeping 1

Next Litters: Borzoi (drawn by Bosque), Bearded Collie


Working on changing my kennel, its fairly extensive and I think it will take a LONG time, but I need to retire a bunch of dogs and get everything back up to date.
The RULES has a few minor changes, and we have a shiny new adoptopn form for you to fill in.
I have been pretty busy with other things, mostly setting up the website for my sister's business Necromanda , she airbrushes t-shirts, they are pretty awesome and you should check them out!

The Dog Artist CollectionBlack AnimalsSpitz Breeds 
Red Bull!


Helplessly addicted.

You suffer from a rare disease called 'cyberdoggis addictedness maximus' which is a rare disease affecting people of all ages.

Symptoms include huge kennels, enormous amounts of time spent playing cyberdogs, and dogs with way too many titles.

There is no cure for this disease as of yet. 

Are you addicted to cyberdogs?
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This is what we do, breed cyberdogs and hate. Mostly we breed hate.


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